Remove ads on YouTube

Remove ads on YouTube

Removing ads on YouTube is a step for those of you who want to watch. Lots of types of advertisements that pass and appear on the monitor screen. When you’re having fun – the excitement of the film must be interrupted by several long-duration advertisements. It really makes the atmosphere of watching so not fun anymore, right?

Even so, for those of you who like to watch dramas or listen to music, you can without having to watch ads anymore. A way that makes it easier for you to get rid of ads without using an application. Surely you want and are curious, isn’t it like what? Now, here’s a way you can try and apply while watching, like:

Select site view pure

A site that you can open through a website or browser that you often use. After entering, type the title viewport dot com, several videos will appear and you can choose the type of video you want to watch. Copy the link and enter the link in the search field and select purity after that wait a few more moments. After that, you can watch movies or videos without any more ads. Extrememuscleresults

Use a pacifier [ dot]
Enter your YouTube application and check the website address you are using. After seeing, add the dot com [.com] writing on the back, and the advertisement will disappear and you can watch freely without any advertisement interruption.

Adblock Plus

Still confused, you can also use Adblock Plus. A website that you often use can enter the adblock plus address in the search. As long as the browser is open, you can add the add extension at the top of the website that is already open. after adding it, you can open YouTube with ease.

There are also without having to mess around – you can subscribe to it or it’s often called YouTube Premium. Payments are made once a month and you can watch it freely as much as you like. For those who like to watch, they will definitely subscribe.

You can also choose some ad-free browsers. The free browser can open the YouTube application at any time.