C4 pre workout review

C4 Pre Workout Review | How To Get The Most Of Your Workout

C4 Pre Workout Review is one of the best supplements you can use for energy and focus. It is great for people who are looking to maximize their workout, whether they’re a beginner or advanced athlete. This supplement will give you an intense boost that will last about two hours before wearing off so it’s perfect for those days when you need just a little extra help getting through your routine!

C4 has been around since 2007 but was reformulated in 2015 because customers wanted more flavor options. The new C4 formula includes caffeine, creatine, nitric oxide boosters, beta alanine and arginine AKG which are all proven to increase performance during workouts. There are six flavors available: Fruit Punch Blast (original), Blue Raspberry Ice Xtreme, Cherry Limeade Blast, Strawberry Kiwi Ice Xtreme, Grape Ice Xtreme and Watermelon Ice Xtreme.

Overall, C4 pre workout is a tasty and effective supplement that can be found just about anywhere. It has caffeine without causing the jitters but may have some minor clumping issues which keep it from being completely perfect for everyone’s needs.

What’s in it? C4 Pre Workout Ingredients

Caffeine (150mg)

C4 pre workout 4is a psychoactive drug that can stimulate the central nervous system and crude extract from coffee beans, but why is caffeine used as an ingredient for pre workout supplements?

One study found this boost to be more effective than dextrose or maltodextrin at increasing mental alertness during exercise; however these ingredients also contain small amounts (less than 10%) of carbs. The average person needs about 130 called carbohydrates every day – which isn’t all made up by just eating vegetables!

For pre-workout beverages, 150mg of caffeine is a good starting point. C4’s sister-beverage, the less potent but still high in Tartaric Acid version called “C4 Sport” has about half this much while other brands have even more depending on their flavor profile and ingredients list complexity.

For example 100g makes up 1 cup coffee which is equivalent to 4 shots – so there are really no boundaries when it comes to how strong these energy drink cocktails will get you!

Caffeine is our “go to” supplement for pre-workout which is why it is found in all our products. It is also found in most other energy drinks – which you might want to research before chucking your current ones down the drain – but there are some more interesting additions.

Creatine Nitrate – 1g

Creatine Nitrate is a new nitric oxide booster with 1g of creatine per serving. Creatine Nitrate is the latest and most advanced form of creatine, which provides 5x better absorption than regular creatine monohydrate. It also increases blood flow up to 50% more than any other supplement on the market!

Creatine Nitrate has been clinically tested and proven effective in improving muscle strength, size and recovery time for athletes competing in power-based sports such as football, wrestling or soccer. It’s even shown to improve endurance during workouts by up to 60%.

As one of the top supplements available for increasing athletic performance, Creatine Nitrate helps you get stronger while performing at your best when it matters most!

You might be a casual gym-goer who only cycles creatine once or twice per week, but serious lifters have been taking it for years. In any case, 1g of Creatine is not enough to give you that little boost in your training regimen that many people want – especially those with high intensity workouts where they’re looking for an edge on competition day!

CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine: 1.6g

arnoSyn Beta-Alanine 1g is a powerful supplement that can help you push harder and become stronger. It increases muscle endurance, improves exercise capacity, and speeds up post-workout recovery time.

What’s more, the amino acid beta-alanine has been shown to reduce lactic acid build up in muscles. This means your muscles will feel like they are working less hard during your workout or competition!

A little intake of L-theanine before exercise has been shown to reduce recovery time and ease soreness, while also providing an energy boost. However 1.6g is a small amount that won’t make much difference in your training regime – but hey it could help you get stronger!

C4 Pre Workout Flavors

As a fitness enthusiast, you know that pre-workout is not your average cup of coffee. The key to getting the most out of your workout is having a supplement with ingredients designed specifically for the demands on an active lifestyle.

C4 Pre Workout has five delicious flavors: Fruit Punch, Blueberry Pomegranate, Watermelon Lemonade, Pink Lemonade and Strawberry Kiwi.  The list goes on and includes natural ingredients like citrulline malate and beta alanine.  C4 promises to give you the energy you need to take your workouts up a notch!

C4 Pre Workout Side Effect

C4 Pre Workout is a pre-work out supplement that contains some ingredients that can cause certain side effects. I will list the most common ones and their symptoms in this blog post, so you know what to expect if you decide to try it.

Citrus Aurantium:

Has been linked with elevated heart rate and increased blood pressure. It may also lead to an increase in headaches, anxiety, insomnia, nausea and bowel issues.


May increase cholesterol levels which increases risk of cardiovascular disease or stroke. Can also cause dizziness, headache or chest pain when taken without food.

L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate:

Causes gastrointestinal distress such as diarrhea or constipation due to its ability to relax the stomach muscles. This effects intestinal motility, potentially causing diarrhea or constipation. It is used to enhance athletic performance and support weight loss.

How to Take C4 Pre Workout?

C4 is a pretty popular pre-workout supplement that can be found in almost every gym. It’s one of the more expensive ones, but it has some great effects on energy and focus for people who are looking to maximize their workouts.

C4 pre workout supplement review
Some people may not know how to take C4 properly, so here are some helpful hints! First off, you should never start your workout without taking water or another type of fluid beforehand. There is no need for anything else before starting unless you have an allergy or intolerance to any ingredients in C4 .

Once you’ve taken your water it’s time to pop open the container and mix up about two scoops with 8 ounces of cold water (or other beverage). You’ll want to stir it up a bit so that it’s evenly mixed. So, take your glass and give it a couple of good shakes or stirs.

Then you can drink it right out of the glass or put it in a shaker cup or water bottle to take with you. Just like any protein powder I’ve used in the past, if you’re drinking it with just plain water I recommend you use a shaker cup because the powder tends to settle and won’t come out as well.

C4 Pre Workout Nutrition Facts?

C4 pre workout is a high-intensity, low-carbohydrate formula designed to help you power through your toughest workouts. It’s also loaded with BCAAs and other essential amino acids that can be used as an effective recovery tool after intense training.

The ingredients in C4 are: Creatine Nitrate (Nitrates), Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate (AAKG), Agmatine Sulfate, Citrulline Malate, L-Arginine HCL and Beta Alanine. Below is a list of all the ingredient found in C4 Pre workout supplement.

How long do you take this for before seeing results?

Everyone is looking for a pre workout that will give them an intense and amazing experience. C4 Pre Workout has been one of the most popular options for this in recent years, so many people are wondering how long do you take this before seeing results?

The answer to that question is different based on your personal fitness goals and what type of c4 you’re using. There are different types of C4: there’s original, zero sugar, zero carb, extreme energy with caffeine only or extreme energy with creatine only.

It’s recommended to start off with the original c4 if you’re not sure which one to get yet. So when does it kick in? Different factors come into play such as weight, tolerance level and more but usually

The answer will depend on many factors including what type of activity you are doing, how much water you drink, if you take any other medications or supplements with c4, your age and size.

A general guideline would be 15 to 20 minutes after taking it but this will vary from person to person depending on their weight and tolerance level for caffeine products. If you are new to caffeine or sensitive to it, you should start with a lower amount and work your way up.

how much caffeine in c4 pre workout

C4 is a pre-workout supplement that, according to the company website, provides “an intense energy boost to help you reach your peak performance level.” One of the main ingredients in the list is caffeine anhydrous. It is important that you know the caffeine content in this drink so that you can determine if it will give you what you need or not.

Caffeine Content: 200mg per serving (1 scoop). There are 2 servings per bottle which means 400mg total. Tips for finding out if it’s right for your needs: Drink plenty of water throughout the day and go light with coffee intake during this period.

how long does c4 pre workout last

C4 Pre workout provides a strong burst of energy for hours after consumption, giving you the boost to power through any workout or strenuous day. But how long does C4 last? That depends largely on your body composition and what other supplements you’re taking with it.

The average user will experience an energy boost for about 3-6 hours after use, but this can be increased if taken in conjunction with caffeine or creatine (which also increase endurance). This time frame can also be decreased if there are other stimulants mixed in with it like coffee, tea, yerba mate, etc., so make sure to read labels carefully before consuming!

Where Can You Buy C4 Pre Workout?

There are many places you can buy C4 pre workout, but the best place is online. You may be wondering why it’s better to order pre-workout supplements from websites like Amazon.com or Bodybuilding.com rather than buying them in a store. Well here are just a few of the reasons:

1) convenience – you don’t have to go anywhere,

2) prices – they’re usually cheaper on line

3) selection – there are more products available for purchase

4) reviews and ratings – other customers share their opinions about what works for them

5) customer service- some sites offer live chat with professionals who can answer your questions

6) no shipping fees



C4 Original Pre Workout is a great way to get all of the necessary ingredients you need for an amazing workout. If your goal is to break through mental and physical barriers, this pre-workout supplement will help give you that extra boost when it’s needed most.

In addition, C4 Original Pre Workout helps provide clean energy without the crash later in the day or night which means no more slumps at work after lunchtime or skipping out on quality family time because you just don’t have any fuel left in the tank. With 30 servings per container and a price point starting around $25 dollars depending on where you buy it from, this product offers incredible value as well!

You can buy c4 pre workout directly from amazon.com using this link.


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